Jamie Hampton, Aspiring Entertainment Journalist

topEveryone has a story and everyone has something unique to share with the world. When I interviewed Jamie Hampton for this post, which is on SoundCloud, I got to hear about the impact music has on her life. The concerts she’s attended and Alternative Press magazine have been the reason to pursue journalism.

When I interviewed Jamie, the process and using an audio recorder didn’t feel any different than previous experiences I’ve had. I’ve worked for the Branding Iron for almost two semesters now and it’s how I do all my interviews. It’s almost easier to interview someone with audio because it makes quoting easier and it’s easy to reference when having to write. As far as just using the audio and being done with a story, it felt strange but also really nice because it’s a simple way to tell someone’s story to others.

As far as being the interviewee, it was hard for me because I’m hardly ever on that end. I was definitely overthinking everything I said and really having a hard time making sure what I said captured what I felt as best as possible. It was also kind of fun to be on the other side because I don’t really have that opportunity. I enjoyed choosing what I wanted to talk about; it made it easier and less stressful to speak for five minutes.

I enjoyed being able to talk about something that made me really happy and shaped me as a person. I loved expressing my feelings knowing that someone is going to listen. I also loved hearing Jamie’s story because even though we’re friends, it’s not too often we talk about the things she discussed so it was really cool to hear about something that’s impacted her so much. Though I liked speaking, I also didn’t enjoy speaking about my topic at the same time, which sounds strange, but it’s always been hard for me to share things that are so personal with others. I’m always scared people won’t understand or won’t take me seriously when I talk about a band, so I felt a little nervous to talk about my topic, even though it makes me really happy and I want to share it. I also overthought a lot about my answers and perfecting my responses when I really shouldn’t worry about it.

The only thing I wish I would’ve done differently is once again, not thinking too much about how to answer something. I knew the answers and how I responded was probably fine. I just think too much like, “maybe I should’ve touched on that more,” or “oh no, I forgot to say this.” Overall though, I said what I needed to. I think the interview could’ve gone more smoothly if we re-did them a couple more times, but the rawness of it is the purpose of the assignment so I’m fairly happy with both my interview of Jamie and her interview of me.

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