Jamie Hampton, Aspiring Entertainment Journalist (Edited Story)

topAfter conducting an audio interview, which wasn’t too challenging, having to edit the audio and cut it down was quite the task. Jamie’s story, which is up on my SoundCloud, was extremely interesting from start to finish, making it tough to cut out parts to make time. I did my best to capture the most important parts of her interview without losing the emotion and reasoning behind her career goals and I’m proud of how it turned out.

When I was editing the audio, at first, I was having a really tough time. I was scared to cut things out and I was super focused on making sure things flowed nicely from answer to answer. I got better at it as more time went on, but it was definitely something I had to work at to create a clear,  smooth audio story.

I enjoyed learning something new and trying to create a smaller story from something bigger. I am always interested in learning new things and Audacity was something I’ve never heard of until this class. I enjoyed how simple it was to navigate after a little bit of experimenting and how my audio turned out overall.

I didn’t enjoy having to cut down the story so much to make time just because I was scared to cut out something important or interesting for the audience. At some parts, it was tough to get a super clean cut and I had to “undo” and “redo” a lot of my edits. It was a lot of trial and error. I found it very tough to get it down to two minutes, so it took several hours to make the audio as close to perfect as I could.

The things that I had trouble with were also what surprised me. I didn’t think it’d be as tough as it ended up being and I didn’t really think about how much time it would take. I definitely had to sit down for a couple hours and really focus on it to make it work. I was shocked by how easy the application was as well, I didn’t think I’d be as quick to learn it as I was because I had never dealt with audio so I didn’t know what to expect.

If I could do anything differently, I would’ve definitely tried to zoom in more and make things cleaner. I was zoomed in a lot already, but I feel like there were a couple spots I could’ve made a little smoother. I had a hard time getting it just right because Jamie was speaking naturally and I can’t edit her natural dialogue out completely. I also just wish I could’ve kept in more details. I know it wasn’t in the requirement, but it was tough having to pick the lesser of two evils when it came to making time. Overall, I learned a lot over the experience and really enjoyed sharing Jamie’s story.

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